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Where are the Ingram Dunes?

The Ingram Dunes are located on a 9.4 acre site in North Myrtle Beach off of Hillside Drive between 9th Avenue South and 10th Avenue South.


Can I visit Ingram Dunes?

For the past 70+ years Ingram Dunes has been enjoyed by generations of North Myrtle Beach’s residents and visitors. The previous owner of the property allowed respectful visitors to enjoy the site. Recently the property has come into the hands of new owners. Feel free to drive by.

Who owns Ingram Dunes?

Currently the property is privately owned.

Are you trying to take the property away from the owners?

No. We are not fighting the owners. We want the owners to be paid a fair price for their property. Our hope is that the City of North Myrtle Beach and the owners will come to an a purchase agreement. Preserve Ingram Dunes has been fundraising to support a purchase.

How much money do you need to buy the property?

The current asking price is $3.1 million.

What are you proposing for the Ingram Dunes?

Our hope is that the property would belong to the citizens of North Myrtle Beach and be preserved in perpetuity as a passive park and nature preserve.

What will happen to the dunes if they aren’t preserved?

If a sale between The City of North Myrtle Beach and the property owners cannot be secured, there are plans to develop the property into a 31-home subdivision. The development includes clearing and leveling the maritime forest and relic dunes.

Where can I get a sign for my yard?

Contact us.

How can I help?

Currently our greatest need is monetary donations to support the purchase and preservation of the property. However, there are many additional ways you can contribute to the preservation of Ingram Dunes. But don’t wait! Their destruction is imminent. Find out the different ways you can help here.

Well-worn pathways, used by locals for the past 70+ years, cover the property.

Well-worn pathways, used by locals for the past 70+ years, cover the property.